Thor’s Announcement

We have a new Hero incoming! This God spends his time protecting the realm of Midgard with his trusty Hammer, Mjolnir! That’s right. Thor the Lord of Thunder is arriving in the Ascended Realm! Collect him after 00:00 Nov 13th UTC!

New Hero Announcement (November 2021)

Engulfed in hatred and betrayed by her spouse, she rises from the Underworld and swore to kill 1,000 people per day in vengeance. Figure out who she is from the given clue! If we get the right answer within 24 hours, we’ll release a code!

New Faction – The Verdian

Meet the Factions! The pacifistic Verdian Faction harness their power from the Infinity Tree and the nature that surrounds them, allowing them to protect the tree and maintain balance! Who do you think these Heroes are?