Zodiac Mapping Event

Greetings, Summoners! We would like to present a weekly Mythic Heroes event Zodiac Mapping. To take part here you can go to the Event Center menu.

While building the Tower of Babel, humans were brought closer to the Gods and saw the splendor of night sky more clearly. To worship the Gods better, they began to draw zodiac figures, which helped to guide humankind.

Event Rules

  1. The Zodiac Mapping event lasts for one week. During this time, players are ranked on the Server Ranking according to the number of Star Maps drawn by them.
    After the event ends, the players’ ranking reward will be sent to their mailbox.
  2. For each Luminous Pearl placed, 1 star will be lit up and a reward will be obtained. The reward drop probability can be viewed in the Reward Preview area.
  3. When drawing a Star Map, there is a probability that a Golden Star will appear. The rewards given for these are even more generous. Additionally, when 10 stars are mapped, an entire Star Map is completed and additional rewards are received.
  4. The Quick Map function will consume the number of Luminous Pearls required to complete the entire Star Map. When the Luminous Pearls are insufficient, they can be purchased or obtained from Event Quests.
  5. Based on the total of Star Maps created by the player, you will receive rewards in the Event Quests area. After completing the Quests of each section, you will also receive section prizes.
  6. Star Coins obtained from the event can be used at the Exchange area. When a Star Reward is redeemed, the next Star Star Coins obtained from the event can be used at the Exchange area. When a Star Reward is redeemed, the next Star Reward level will be unlocked. Each time you exchange rewards, you will also get additional Luminous Pearls. The specific quantities are: 1-star reward for 3 Luminous Pearls, 2-star reward for 4 Luminous Pearls, 3-star reward for 6 Luminous Pearls, 4-star reward for 9 Luminous Pearls, and 5-star reward for 12 Luminous Pearls.
  7. After the weekly event, unused Luminous Pearls will be kept; however, the Star Coins will be converted into SR fragments and will be sent to the player’s mailbox. Each Star Coin will be converted into 1 SR fragment.

Don’t forget to check this Mythic Heroes event Zodiac Mapping and good luck to you all!

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