Developer Comment On Changes

Hello, Summoners! As you know, many things in Mythic Heroes game have changed. Here some Developer comment on changes. You can find it in official Discord channel also.

Player Feedback – Changes to Rewards (Faith, Gears of Time).

Request: Revert the changes made to Faith and Gears of Time.

Status: Declined.

Timeline: Declined Pending Further Review.

Feedback from Dev.
We understand the frustration within the community in regards to the changes in the resources system including Faith, Inherited Divinity, and Gears of Time. These changes, however, will remain as they are. These changes have been made with the upcoming additions to Mythic Heroes that are in development in mind including more gameplay events and other features. While the new systems may initially feel less rewarding, we believe that the future additions to gameplay and events will make Mythic Heroes a more engaging and rewarding game for all our players in the long run.

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