Server Merging

Hello, Summoners!

Following up on our last message about Server Merges (in the Patch Notes), we have identified the first list of servers receiving a Merge. Servers 6-10 will be merged together on June 12th at 7pm PST. There are some details that Summoners will need to know going into this process.

Accounts that did not make it to Campaign 1-8, have made no payments, and haven’t logged into the game in 30 days, will be deleted. If any of these accounts are on your Friendslist, they will be removed!

If there are duplicate Summoner names from across servers, Summoners will get their name changed to their IGGID + original Server number. Diamonds will be distributed for name changes for everyone affected.

If Summoners had multiple accounts across these 5 servers, they will still be accessible after the merge and will still show the original server number these accounts were made for.

After the merge concludes, there will only be 4 Arena IDs remaining. Players will be sorted based on 2 conditions based on money and time invested in Mythic Heroes. All players will keep their original Arena points with ranking based on these points. If multiple players have the same Arena points, the origin Server ID that is older will be placed higher in the ranking. All Summoners will be placed in ONE Mastermind Arena.

Weekly Event Ranks like Tower of Babylon will also be merging. All Summoners will keep their original ranking until the event ends. After the event ends, all merged players will be able to see each other in the next weekly event.

Details of Server downtime and compensation will be sent to the affected players through the in-game mail system.
Thank you for your patience while we complete this lengthy process!

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