New SSR Heroes

There is information about the future heroes of the game Mythic Heroes.

Abilities of two future SSR heroes: Faust and Poseidon.
The expected release sequence for the heroes is: UR Typhon -> Poseidon -> Queen of the West -> Archimedes -> Faust -> New UR (Amaterasu?)


Faustian Contract (Ultimate)

Faust triggers a bomb at his current location. During the 4s countdown, Faust takes 75% less damage and is immune to control effects. After the bomb explodes, it deals 200% damage to himself and the enemies nearby, along with extra damage equal to 30% of their current Health. They are also stunned for 2.5s.

Lv.2: If Faust suffers lethal damage, Ultimate will be released when he dies
Lv.3: Stuns enemies for 4s
Lv.4: Deals 250% damage, along with extra damage equal to 35% of their current Health

Skin Fusion (Passive)

When Faust is hit, there is a 40% chance the enemy is inflicted with poison for 5s, taking 25% damage per second. During this period, Faust recovers 4% of max Health. This skill can stack 5 times.

Lv.2: Increases the chance to 45%
Lv.3: Recovers 5% max Health every second.
Lv.4: Increases the chance to 50%

Subtle Poison (Active)

Faust throws poison vials in a random area. This poison lingers for 5s and causes 25% damage per second to enemies in the area. This skill can stack up to 10 times.

Lv.2: Additionally, reduces target’s Attack Speed by 25%
Lv.3: Reduces target’s Attack Speed by 30%
Lv.4: Reduces target’s Attack Speed by 35%

Sins Befell (Active)

At the beginning of the battle, Faust switches with the Hero directly across from him in the enemy’s formation, stunning them for 4s and increasing their damage taken by 30%.

Lv.2: Increases duration to 4.5s
Lv.3: Increases damage taken by 40%
Lv.4: Increases duration to 5s.


Whirlpool of Wrath (Ultimate)

Poseidon creates a whirlpool in the area with the most enemies for 5s. The whirlpool pulls enemies into the center of it, dealing 50% damage every second. At the end, a giant fish is summoned to deal 2x 50% damage and knocks all targets into the air.

Lv. 2: Deals 55% damage (Lv.61 Unlock)
Lv.3: Increases the fish’s damage dealt to 60%
Lv.4: Deals 60% damage

Tidal Wall (Passive)

Poseidon protects himself with the tides. If he takes damage exceeding 10% of his current Health, the excess will be reduced by 40%.

Lv.2: The excess is reduced by 50%
Lv.3: The protection is activated when the damage inflicted is 8% higher than his current Health
Lv.4: The excess is reduced by 60%

Bringer of Tides (Passive)

Every 8s, Poseidon’s auto-attack will deal an additional 100% damage to the target and nearby enemies. Additionally, Hit/Attack Energy Restoration for the target is lost for 3s.

Lv.2: Hit/Attack Energy Restoration for the target is lost for 3.5s
Lv.3: Increases additional damage to 120%
Lv.4: Hit/Attack Energy Restoration for the target is lost for 4s

Undercurrent (Active)

Poseidon releases an undercurrent to the area where the enemies are most dense, dealing 150% damage after 1s of delay. Additionally, targets are knocked into the air and stunned for 1s.

Lv.2: Deals 160% damage
Lv.3: Stuns the targets for 1.5s
Lv.4: Deals 170% damage

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