Thor Attributes



Divine Descent


Thor releases the power of thunder for 10s, increasing his Attack by 20%, Defense by 50%, and max Health by 50%. Auto-attacks will also extend beyond the target to enemies nearby, dealing 150% damage and reducing their Attack Speed by 30% for 4s.

Level 2 (Lv 61):

Additionally, recovers 25% Health

Level 3 (Lv 141):

Increases max Health to 60%

Level 4 (Lv 221):

Additionally, recovers 30% Health

Thunder Hammer


Thor throws his hammer at the enemy with the highest Attack, dealing 150% damage and stunning them for 1s.

Level 2 (Lv 81):

Deals 175% damage

Level 3 (Lv 161):

Stuns the enemy for 2s.

Level 4 (Lv 241):

Deals 200% damage

Static Shield


Thor casts a permanent shield on himself, reducing damage taken by 25%. Afterwards, whenever Thor is attacked, there is a 50% chance that the shield releases a counterstrike lightning bolt to deal 50% damage. The bolt also reduces Attack Speed by 30% for 4s. This skill can only be used once every 0.5s.

Level 2 (Lv 101):

Counterattack deals 65% damage

Level 3 (Lv 181):

Reduces Attack Speed by 40%

Level 4 (Lv 261):

Increases the chance of a lightning bolt to 65%

Nordic Squall


Thor spins with his hammer for 4s, dealing 50% damage to nearby enemies every second, and reducing his own damage taken by 65%.

Level 2 (Lv 121):

Reduces damage taken by 67.5%

Level 3 (Lv 201):

Deals 65% damage per second

Level 4 (Lv 281):

Reduces damage taken by 70%




Tank, physical DD, Offensive Tank


Thor the God of Thunder is a tank in this rolesplay. His abilities include damage dealing and protective shield abilities. He also throws debuffs. Has control in the form of stun. Ultimate hits AoE and he turns into a powerful hero who destroys enemies. Skills are aimed at damage and reducing the attack speed of the enemy. In terms of skills, he is a tank of the level of Hercules, weaker than Athena.

Weapon Skill – Mjolnir.
While “Divine Descent” is active, Thor’s Attack Speed increases by 30%. (Unlock 100)
If an enemy unit is eliminated while “Divine Descent” is active, increase its duration by 5s (can be triggered 1 time(s) every time the skill is used). (Unlock 200)
While “Divine Descent” is active, Thor’s Attack Speed increases by 60%. (Unlock 300)
While “Divine Descent” is active, Thor is immune to control abilities. (Unlock 400)

To the equipment you can use the artifacts: Scarab Badge, Thor’s Hammer and Aegis Shield. Recommended runes: earth, air.

Divinity skills: Asterial Meteor Shower, Devoid Phantom, Primeval Embroilment, Asterial Black Hole, Primeval Corrosion, Devoid Broken Mirror, Asterial Supernova, Primeval Colossus, Devoid Spirit Flash.
Through the Divinity upgrades he can become a good carry and damage dealer also.


Early (1-15)

Mid (16-25)

Late (26+)





Skin Attributes

NameNorthern Champion
BonusHP +2%
Cost x 50


Thor, the God of Thunder, is an icon of the Nordic Pantheon. He is brave, resolute, and his heart is filled with a sense of divine justice. As a War God, Thor possesses great strength and can wield both lighting and thunder in battle. He also carries an enchanted, dwarven hammer known as Mjolnir that can destroy anything it hits and can be summoned back to his hand at any time. He uses this hammer to protect humanity in Midgard (Middle World) and the Gods in Asgard (God World).

When Odin traded his eye for the wisdom of Mimir’s Well, he learned of Thor’s crucial contribution to the final war. Thor would fight Jormungandr, the World Serpent. These two met once before… The World Serpent is the child of giants, and the mass of this creature is so great that it is pulled down to the deepest depths of the ocean. Even the ocean is not large enough for him, and he must coil himself to fit, biting his own tail in boredom and frustration. One day, Thor went fishing, and to catch the largest of whales, he used an ox head for bait. The great serpent smelled the meat and swallowed the head whole. Thor battled the creature fiercely. The boat nearly capsized many times before the God of Thunder eventually pulled his opponent to the surface. The giant snake snarled once before someone on the boat cut the line.

The second time they met was when the prophecy became reality. The horn of Asgard was blown and the Rainbow Bridge to Asgard was breached. The Void God rallied the enemies of Asgard. From Muspelheim came the fire giants; from Niflheim came the ice giants; and from the Earth, came the children of Loki. Loki’s giant wolf son ate the moon and the sun, and his daughter, Hela came from inside the Earth, leading her army of the undead. The moment of destiny was here. The fate of the world would now be decided, and Thor’s eyes narrowed to the ocean surface to wait for his opponent.

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