Leonidas Attributes



Charge Horn


Every 12s, Leonidas commands a cavalryman to charge at 1 random target, dealing 200% of his Attack to hit enemies and knocking them down for 2s. When Leonidas releases his Ultimate, 5 cavalrymen charge at once.

Level 2 (Lv 61):

Increases damage dealt to 220%

Level 3 (Lv 141):

Increases damage dealt to 240%

Level 4 (Lv 221):

Increases damage dealt to 260%

Phalanx Defense


Leonidas summons 1 Spartan to guard the ally with the lowest current Health for 4s. During this time, all allies within the Spartan’s immediate area have their damage taken reduced by 50%, and they recover 4% of their max Health every second. If Leonidas is in the protective
troop’s area, the Health recovery effect increases by 1.5x.

Level 2 (Lv 81):

Additionally, disperse all debuffs on the targeted ally

Level 3 (Lv 161):

Increases the Health recovery effect to 5% every second

Level 4 (Lv 241):

Increases the Health recovery effect to 6% every second

Tactical Launch


Leonidas has a spearman launch off his shield into the area where the enemies are most dense, dealing damage equal to 250% of his Attack and stunning any hit targets for 2s. Leonidas is immune to control for the duration of this skill.

Level 2 (Lv 101):

Increases damage dealt to 275%

Level 3 (Lv 181):

Increases damage dealt to 300%

Level 4 (Lv 261):

Increases the stun time to 3s

Battle Stance


Leonidas assumes an alternate stance, which reduces his damage taken from frontal attacks by 30% and increases his Crit Chance Resistance by 10%.

Level 2 (Lv 121):

Leonidas’ frontal damage taken is reduced by 40%

Level 3 (Lv 201):

Increases Crit Chance Resistance boost to 15%

Level 4 (Lv 281):

Leonidas’ frontal damage taken is reduced by 50%





Tank, deals physical damage, Buffer, CC


Abilities of Leonidas has similarities with Joan of Arc. He is regular Tank. You can build a team of Leonidas, Joan of Arc and Hercules and power up. Has aoe CC on his ulti, and it passively CCs someone every few seconds. Can mitigate damage for the teammates as well. May be good in middle game.

Weapon Skill – Kingly Spatha.
The interval of the “Charge Horn” is reduced to 11s. (Unlock 100)
The interval of the “Charge Horn” is reduced to 10s. (Unlock 200)
The interval of the “Charge Horn” is reduced to 9s. (Unlock 300)
Additionally, whenever an enemy unit is knocked down by cavalry, increase ATK of all allies by 15% for 3s (effect cannot be stacked).(Unlock 400)

Divinity Skills: Primeval Embroilment, Psyche Prevail, Immortality Transcend, Psyche Sprout, Psyche Collective Fervor, Immortality Resonance, Immortality Wrath, Primeval Corrosion, Primeval Pristine.


Early (1-15)

Mid (16-25)

Late (26+)





Skin Attributes

NameCobalt Cloak
BonusDEF +2%
Cost x 50


Leonidas was a legendary king from the Greek city-state of Sparta. In Spartan society, every boy was trained in the agoge (military school) to be an unparalleled warrior, and this was the case even for their kings. It was in an agoge Leonidas learned his strict discipline and battle skills. It was also here where he learned to embody his name, which roughly translates into “a man like a lion.”

When in battle, Leonidas uses a spear, sword, and heavy bronze shield. While battling infantry, the Spartans would throw their spear with remarkable precision, and afterwards close their ranks to make an airtight formation known as a phalanx. In this phalanx, they would defend their allies, while they fought around their circular spear with a short sword. When charged by enemy cavalry, Spartans would plant the back of their spear into the ground to dismount their opponents before fighting them on the ground.

The life of Leonidas took place during a tumultuous period of Greek history… During his time, the Persian Empire was greatly expanding. However, when the legendary ruler Darius entered the Greek region, he was met with many resilient fighters. After Darius’ death in 486 BC, his son Xerxes sought to continue his father’s work and to bring the Greeks under Persian rule. He meticulously prepared for 4 years to embark on his invasion before he brought his massive army by sea and land to the coast of Greece. When the Persians arrived, it was the Spartan harvest festival of Carneia, and respect for the Gods dictated that no war could take place during this time… . Thus, the Spartan army could not immediately march. Yet, Leonidas knew that something must be done before the massive army (hundreds of thousands) made it past the “Hot Gates,” a narrow mountain pass where the Persian’s superior numbers would be negated. Therefore, this king personally took a force of approximately 300 elite Spartans to hold this pass.

This group was later joined by a few city-state coalition forces to form a force of roughly 7,000 soldiers. Xerxes, knowing his advantage, tried to quickly overwhelm the comparatively small force. However, Leonidas commanded his troops masterfully, and they held the pass for several days. Unfortunately for the Spartans, it was at this point that Xerxes learned of a secret ‘goat path’ and he snuck his troops to the other side of the pass. This forced the Spartans to fight a two-front battle. Seeing this dire situation, Leonidas dismissed the other troops and fought to the death with his fellow 300 Spartans… Legend has it that the Spartans were descendants of Hercules, and the brave Leonidas proved this noble bloodline with this act. They held off the Persians for long enough so they to be defeated in the next battle in which the Spartans could fight with their entire army.

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