Archimedes Attributes



Power Surge


Typically Archimedes’ Attack Speed is fast, causing 75% damage each hit. When “Power Surge” begins, the airship overloads for 10s, increasing his already fast Attack Speed by 300%. His auto-attack now also targets 2 units to deal 35% damage each hit. After “Power Surge” ends, Archimedes will need to repair his airship for 5s.

Level 2 (Lv 61):

During “Power Surge,” increase all damage dealt by Archimedes by 10%.

Level 3 (Lv 141):

During “Power Surge,” increase all damage dealt by Archimedes by 20%.

Level 4 (Lv 221):

During “Power Surge,” increase all damage dealt by Archimedes by 30%.

Focal Fire


Archimedes fires a line of focused energy directly in front of him, dealing 140% damage to enemies in its path.

Level 2 (Lv 81):

Deals 160% damage.

Level 3 (Lv 161):

Additionally, stuns the target(s) for 1s.

Level 4 (Lv 241):

Deals 180% damage.

Piercing Rounds


When Archimedes deals damage to an enemy, apply an additional penetration effect which  decreases target’s Defense by  2.5% for 10s. The effect can be stacked up to 10 times.

Level 2 (Lv 101):

Decreases target’s Defense by 3%.

Level 3 (Lv 181):

Decreases target’s Defense by 3.5%.

Level 4 (Lv 261):

Decreases target’s Defense by 4%.

Sunder Grenade


After 10 hits, Archimedes launches a grenade to deal 150% damage to the target and nearby enemies.

Level 2 (Lv 121):

Deals 175% damage.

Level 3 (Lv 201):

Additionally, stuns all hit targets for 1s

Level 4 (Lv 281):

Deals 200% damage.




Fighter, physical damage dealer


Archimedes is actually a fighter that deals physical damage just like is suicidal Artemis and all of those fighters. He is a great addition to the team in trials of ascension, for Dorado vault.

Now about skills. His ultimate is the Power surge and this is something like G&M but it’s much faster definitely than G&M’s auto attack but the only problem is Archimedes will have a downtime of five seconds doing nothing, so this is like a nuke type fighter. So in campaigns, pvp Archimedes needs to have defeated the enemy after the ultimate, because if not, you need to rely on your tanks, your healer. If not, Archimedes will be dead. So at level two during the power surge it increased all damage dealt, at level three it increases by 20 and at level four it increased by 30 percent. He’s actually a glass cannon and comparable to Artemis, but the good thing about this Archimedes is that he has a debuff.

The first passive the Focal fire, he fires a line of focused energy directly in front of him dealing 140 percent damage to enemies in its path and there’s a problem here guys. It says here passive, but this skill doesn’t have any trigger and it may be actually active skill. Also the Focal fire is that triangle laser.

Next is the Piercing rounds, this is another passive and this is the true passive that Archimedes have. When he deals damage it applies an additional penetration effect and for 10 seconds the effect can be stacked, so as you can see, without any level upgrade the defense the buff can go up to 25 percent and if you multiply that by ten that’s forty percent. It actually rivals Dionysus, his maximum defense is 60% and that’s including upgrading the weapon of Dionysus to 300. And this one for Archimedes without upgrading the weapon he can actually decreases the target’s defense by 40 percent.

Final passive is the Thunder grenade after 20 hits, so this is the trigger. It launches a grenade to deal 125 damage to the target and nearby enemies. So with upgrade this is actually good for those dodgers like Thanatos (SR).

For the weapon Skyfire Launcher at 100 Archimedes gain one energy after every attack on the enemy with 10 stacks of piercing rounds. So once Archimedes reach this 10 stack of piercing rounds, he gains one energy per attack. At 200 it gained two energy per attack, at 300 increased energy gained after each attack by three and, this is the good part, at 400 after the first 30 seconds of the battle it increased the stack limit of piercing rounds to 20. So if you remember, earlier the maximum is 10, now it increases to 20 if you reach the max level that’s four percent multiply that by 20 that is 80% minus defense. Once you reach 400 on Archimedes then he can overshadow Dionysus in terms of debuff on the defense, so once you have your hero at 400, you can easily get a lot of damage in pantheon guild boss and Dorado vault. If you combine this with Typhon then those bosses will get shredded.

Next is his equipment. If you will be using Archimedes in Arena and Campaigns what you need to do is to utilize his ultimate, because his ultimate is a glass cannon, so make sure that after he is done with the ultimate, most of the enemy is already dead. What we need is the Chakra, it’s utilizing the ultimate damage. Another one you can use is the Axe because hero is also doing normal attacks when doing the ultimate. We got a lot of extra attack speed, so Axe of Pangu is also good.

For the rune you can use Lightning for bosses for extra defense ignore. For pvp it’s always good to use the Fire rune, because we need to utilize the increase crit chance by 15 percent and we really need that in Arena and some campaigns.

The divinity. You can see the first divinity that our hero have is already Torment which is pretty good because it’s a debuff. As you can see we can gain more damage, so always use this Torment for early game, end game, mid game, whenever you can. For early game use Torment and Culmination, for mid game you can use the Primal totem or the Prevail and then Culmination and Torment. For end game you can use the Colossus
the Prevail and the Psyche Torment. You can also use this Culmination for boss fights. For pvp Colossus, Primal totem and then Torment.

Archimedes is definitely good for a lot of bosses, also good for pvp and if you want him to be your main damager, you can in replacement for G&M. And he is only a glass cannon, so make sure you have a good tank in front of him.

Best heroes to team up. If you’re free to play, with a fighter you need a magician or magic damage, so you can go with Izanami. You can replace Izanami by using this one Flora. She is also good like nuke ultimate and she also have cc stuns. Then you need one tank, so the best tank for Archimedes for ftp player is Athena or you can go with Anubis. Also this Hercules can taunt heroes in front. Now we need shadowatch, we can go with Hela as your main healer and lastly you can also go with Persephone. Or you can go with another fighter like Susanoo, G&M.

End game lineup for Archimedes for boss fights like the Dorado is Susanoo, Dionysus for added defense, increase damage with Typhon and then what you need is Idun for quick energy restoration for quicker ultimate.


Early (1-15)

Mid (16-25)

Late (26+)





Skin Attributes

NameSilver Wings
BonusATK +2%
Cost x 50


Archimedes is one of the greatest minds in history. In Greece, he was one of the greatest inventors, mechanics, physicists, and mathematicians to have ever existed. This great mind of science was born in the Etruscan city of Syracuse, and during his youth, studied in the great beacon of knowledge in Egypt, Alexandria.

Archimedes was unique ever since his birth. In his childhood, he was focused, persistent and full of curiosity about everything in the world. He wanted to find the mechanism and law behind every operation in the Universe. When he was close to a breakthrough, he would lock himself in his study and speak to no one for days. When the door opened again, an exhausted and malnourished Archimedes would exit a room full of numbers, diagrams, and equations. He famously learned of the law of buoyancy while taking a bath. A revelation that made him so excited, that he jumped out, repeating “Eureka!”(I have found it) and ran naked through town to tell the king.

It was said that Archimedes invented many weapons to protect the Greek city-states from enemy invasions. Legend spoke of a crane that could grab the enemy’s battleships to shake the soldiers out of the cabin, and an incendiary agent called “Greek Fire” which could light the water around ships on fire. Although these legends may seem beyond anyone’s imagination, many years later archaeologists restored some of his research documents and found that Archimedes had even discovered the design principles of the helicopter!

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